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5 Essential Tips for Planning Your EV Charging During Summer Road Trips

electric car ist charged on wallbox

Summer is a great time to embark on a road trip and explore new places, and with electric vehicles (EVs) becoming increasingly popular, more and more people are choosing to take their EVs out across the country. However, planning your EV charging during summer road trips requires some extra considerations compared to regular daily driving. […]

Essential Spring Maintenance Tips for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric car plugged in outside house on street with a sunset

Spring is the time to start fresh by giving your home a good cleaning and performing vital maintenance tasks. If you have a home electric vehicle charging station, you need to include it as part of your spring maintenance by following the below EV charger maintenance tips. Check That the Plug Remains Securely in the […]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in EV Charging

Charging an electric car battery

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as more people seek eco-friendly and cost-efficient travel methods. As a result, the demand for EV charging stations is rising, and many businesses are considering investing in this technology. While you’ll have upfront costs associated with installing EV charging stations, many compelling reasons exist to make the investment. […]

Top Reasons to Install EV Chargers at Your Business

Close up of a electric vehicles charging station

If you haven’t considered adding an EV charge station to your business yet, now might be the time to start thinking about it. There are many benefits to installing an EV charging station. The following covers a few of them. Be an Industry Leader Firms and companies need to step forward and promote innovative technology […]

5 Tips for Charging Your Electrical Vehicle During the Winter

Beautiful view of a man connecting a charging cable to an electric car charging station on a frosty winter day.

When temps drop below 40 degrees, this negatively impacts your electrical vehicle’s charging ability as charging power is reduced. If you are not careful, your vehicle’s driving range will decrease. To ensure your commutes go smoothly during the winter, you need to implement the five tips below. 1. Plan Ahead for Longer Charging Times Electrical […]